Dea Magazine

Issue #6

Issue number six is out… We have six great photospreads in this issue, there was no theme so the photographers were free to do anything they felt like doing, it is a little more artistic than the issues before and it looks great, please take a look and if you like it, share it with your friends. 
The fourth issue of Dea Magazine is here, the theme is nature and we have six different photographers in this issue. 
- Heiðdís G. Gunnarsdóttir

The fourth issue of Dea Magazine is here, the theme is nature and we have six different photographers in this issue. 


- Heiðdís G. Gunnarsdóttir


This summer me and my cousin Andrea Kristín traveled through Europe for five weeks.  We began our adventure in Oslo, where we spent 3 wonderful days with family, and then we took a train to Lund in Sweden and the next morning we went to Berlin. These two places were amazing, and I absolutely l loved it there! From Berlin, we went on to a smaller city in Germany called Bamberg.

This German city is located in Baveria and its historic city center is a listed UNESCO world heritage site . The former fishermen’s district in Bamberg’s Island City is endearingly known as Little Venice. We really enjoyed staying in this beautiful town, walking up to the castle, spending hours and hours in the beautiful rose garden and walking around town eating ice cream in the sunshine.

Next destination was Salzburg in Austria where we spent 5 fantastic days. We went to the Hallein salt mines, did the Sound of Music tour, went to Hellbrunn Palace and Wasserspiele, went to a zoo and museums.

We also took a cable car up Untersberg and walked on top of the mountain in 7000 m hight. That was really enjoyable and we had a great time. After our Salzburg adventure we spent two relaxing days in the lovely country side, in Seefeld in Tirol, before we carried on to France. In France we visited Annecy which we thought was so beautiful! We were there on the France national day, so in the evening there was a big fire work show!

From Annecy we went to Italy, and visited Florence, Lucca, Verona, Pisa, Caldiero, Lake Garda, Sirmione and some other small places which were all wonderful.

Before we left Italy we went to Tyrol again, but this time on the Italian border. From there we took a train to Vienna visiting family and after two amazing days going downtown, visiting Schönbrunn, having Wiener Schnitzel and Sachertorte, visiting Prater among other things we went camping with my family in Mureck in South Austria.

The time flew and suddenly we only had one week left. From Mureck we had to travel for 12 hours to get to Telc in the Czech Republic. Telc is a small UNESCO heritage city. It has very special street scene and we really enjoyed going to the street markets there. At 2 o’clock we took a snap decision and hopped aboard on the next train to Prague. After one fabulous day there we carried on to the beautiful Dresden in Germany and from there to our last stop, in Copenhagen.

We experienced so many things and did so many extremely fun things that I would have to write a whole book to tell you everything, but I definitely would recommend Interrail. It is one of the most fun things I have ever done, and I was also so lucky to have the greatest and most wonderful  travel companion with me who made the whole experience even more fun.

- Hulda Vigdísardóttir

Men who dare

It‘s a known fact that the fashion industry focuses on women. They buy more clothes and cosmetic products than most men. I think many men are stuck in a comfort zone when it comes to clothes. My father for example, he buys all of his clothes in Dressman and always the same items, black jeans and a white shirt.  You can look at a 10 year old photo of him and there he is, in his black jeans and white shirt.
But men who follow fashion and dare to dress a little bit differently get noticed.

My favorite stores that sell men clothes are Geysir, Spútnik, GK, JÖR and of course Kormákur og Skjöldur.

Pink !

Pink is a wonderful color that can work all year round. However you might need to vary your pink tones throughout the seasons. This summer brings a lot of bright and neon-like colors to us, so many ways to use them.


Pink lips is a great way to add some color to your basic everyday makeup to liven things a bit. If your not big on lipsticks, then i recommend a nice pink, glittery gloss. Beware though! Sticky when kissed!


Pink eyeshadow brings out your eyes. It can wok for every eye color, but it does matter what tone of pink you use. Green eyes pop when a bright pink is used! Use a pink eyeshadow with a hint of lavender for brown eyes, it will work wonders. Blue eyes shine with a paler pink.


If your not the heavy makeup type, i would recommend a bit of blush. Those sun kissed cheeks will give you a glow, the bronzer is fading a bit in style. The two will look good together, less bronzer, more sun kiss.


Just play around with colors! Its fun to try new things, try a pink wet liner, just to liven things up a bit. Until next time !

- Alexandra Noor Douglas 


Smokey makeup is a great classic look, wether it is for a photoshoot or just a night out on the town.

Smokey for a photoshoot will never let you down. It‘s a good, quick and easy makeup blend to do , a great „save“ if you dont have much time.

You can have this look any day and at any time of day. There are many variations of a smokey eye, it doesn‘t always have to be black or very dark. Mix in some colours , gold, silver, bronze (great for the summer) , purple and basically ALL colours.


A dark smokey eye is a great way to dot the „I“ *giggles*,  in a grunge- rock, intense kind of look .

Just remember you wear the makeup , it doesn‘t wear you J. Blend well! Until next time !

- Alexandra Noor Douglas

Not Sure? Go Black !

Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Who doesn’t know the feeling? My room usually looks like a crime scene after trying to find the perfect outfit for when I go out. But with age comes wisdom. I’ve learned that if I’m having trouble with finding an outfit I should just pick something black and simple.

I wear a simple black dress, black trousers with a black shirt or a black jumpsuit. It’s so easy to dress up.  So instead of worrying about the clothes I put emphasis on the hair and makeup.

To make the outfit a little bit more fun I use big accessories. Those big and colorful necklaces are very popular right now so you can get them almost anywhere but I buy mine in vintage stores such as Spútnik and Nostalgía.

Over the years I’ve collected many beautiful black dresses and this one is the newest addition which is from Ella.

- Lovísa Tómasdóttir

New blogger Birta Rán

Isn’t it appropriate that my first post on here includes photos of myself? 
Well, hey there, I’m Birta Rán and I love taking photos so my post on here will mainly include my own work, sometimes specially photographed for this blog, sometimes just from projects I am working on. It’s so lovely to be a part of this!

These photos are some of the photos I shot of the new sunglasses that can be found in a store called Manía that is placed on Laugarvegur. Now there is just playing the waiting game until the sun comes out. Here in Iceland at least.
Models: Myself and María Gróa Pétursdóttir
Make up: María Gróa Pétursdóttir

- Birta Rán